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$20 per month plus $5 Maintenance


$23 per month plus $7 Maintenance


$40 per month plus $10 Maintenance


$65 per month plus $15 Maintenance

We rent the highest quality student instruments available at affordable rates with an uncapped equity program supported by a full service repair shop and sales inventory.   

Rental instruments go through our shop to ensure the bridge and soundpost are fit correctly, the pegs turn smoothly and hold tune, and every rental is fit with step up strings! 

All we need is a valid driver's license and a credit or debit card to place on file. All rentals are month to month and will be automatically charged within 7 days of your due date every month. If you'd like to end your rental, just bring the instrument back and you will not be charged again.

No Cap Equity: 100% of your rental fee (not the maintenance fee and tax) builds as equity towards a purchase of any instrument in our inventory (except consignments) at any time with no limit or cap. Equity can be applied towards 75% of the purchase price of your instrument purchase. If your student needs a new size, just come in and we will exchange your instrument for the correct size and you will continue to build equity for the entire continuous rental period. 

Maintenance: The maintenance plan protects you against any out of pocket cost for normal wear and consumables such as strings and bow rehairs. If your student practices enough to require new strings and a bow rehair every year (a common lifespan for these items) you save money on the maintenance as compared to buying these items for an instrument you own. Not to mention common but often unexpected repairs that might be required from time to time such as new bridges, soundpost adjustments, cracks, open seams, etc. If at any time your instrument requires service, just bring it in and we will either fix the issue promptly or exchange your rental for a freshly set up instrument. 

Why Rent a Violin, Viola, Cello, or Bass?

Chattanooga Fine Violin's rental program is better for: 

The Student: Renting an instrument is one of the best ways to ensure the success of your student. Learning a bowed stringed instrument is a formidable challenge and making the attempt on an instrument that is of low quality, poorly set up, or frequently, both, is sure to hinder musical development and lead to much frustration. A rental instrument from our workshop is the best possible start you can provide your student. Learning music is both fun and an enriching experience and most kids will surprise you with how fast they learn on an instrument that is properly set up and fit with step-up strings!

The Parents: One's child electing to play a stringed instrument can be a surprising expense! With an unmatched equity program, 100% of your rental fee can be applied to 75% of the purchase price of any instrument in our sales inventory, at any time . And a low monthly maintenance fee protects you from unexpected expenses with less total outlay than maintaining an instrument you own. 

Music is not for everyone and in the event that your child plays for a year or two and decides to try something else, you've only paid for the instrument for the time you needed it. Don't spend hundreds of dollars acquiring and maintaining an instrument that won't be fully utilized.   

If your child does continue on and needs a step up or higher level instrument, that purchase will be much easier with all of the equity you've built applying towards the purchase. We have a sales inventory of modern and restored antique European, American, and Asian instruments to choose from at prices from $800 - $15,000. 

The Teacher: Teachers have a tough job transmitting their knowledge to your student. Help make their time with your child as productive as possible by insuring your instrument is set up correctly with a rental from Chattanooga Fine Violins. Our instruments are all set up by hand in our East Ridge workshop with synthetic core step-up strings on every instrument. We check the strings, bow, pegs, bridge, soundpost, fingerboard, and nut on every instrument we send out and if your instrument comes out of adjustment, just bring it back to the shop. Your maintenance fee covers all normal use and wear and we will either fix your instrument quickly or exchange it for another instrument. 

The Environment: Bowed stringed instruments require ebony fittings to function properly. Ebony is a genus of tree species native to tropical rain forests and is currently under intense logging pressure. Instead of buying several student instruments and relegating them to the back of a closet before selecting a long term step up instrument, help protect these precious resources by keeping student instruments in the hands of learning students. Chattanooga Fine Violins is highly aware of the musical instrument industries' impact on tropical hardwood forests and are doing what we can to make music accessible with as little impact as possible. 

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