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We have a wide selection of modern and antique instruments for sale in every price range.

We also endeavor to stock a complete selection of Bows, Strings, Shoulder Rests, Rosins, Cases, and all other accessories. 

Selecting a violin, viola, or cello is a very personal process, and the inventory is always growing and changing, so we encourage folks to spend some time and play all of the instruments available in their price range.

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We source antique European instruments both in the US and Europe. Condition is paramount and we only buy instruments in solid structural condition. Any 100 year old instrument will need some attention, and we are proud to do the restoration and set up work in house on every instrument before it goes up for sale. 


There are incredible makers working today! We are dealers for Eastman Strings, Century Strings, Gatchell Violins, Samuel Shen, Revelle, CodaBow, John Paul bows, Artino and others. If you are interested in a modern instrument and would like to try out several makers' instruments at once, please give us a call or stop in. 



If you've found an instrument you like and would like to show it to your teacher or try it out in your practice space or rehearsal hall, we can send instruments home on approval for one week. Just ask! 

When shopping for a new instrument, feel free to bring your teacher with you to help you decide (consider paying your teacher the cost of a lesson for their expertise if you do). 

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